Ramayana in Hindi | Valmiki Ramayana Summary

!!Ramayana in Hindi | Valmiki Ramayana Summary!!


Valmiki Ramayana. You can get complete Ramayana in Hindi with Summary written by Maharshi Valmiki. Download PDF file of full Ramayana in Hindi and English.

ramayana in hindi | Valmiki ramayana

Ramayana in Hindi

The Ramayana is undoubtedly the most popular and timeless epic holy book of all time in Hindu Mythology. The Indian Epic Ramayana is loved by all Hindu and they read this holy book with full devotion. According to Maharshi Valmiki, the Ramayana is a word which is completely based on  a memorable story of Lord Rama or the anaya of Rama in search of Humanity and human values.

Ramayana is completely a result of a literary work and so it joins “the inner happiness of Vedic writing with the external lavishness of delightfully significant narrating”.

This sacred story of Shri Rama written by Maharshi  Valmiki is also known as Adi Kavya or true epic. Valmiki implemented all his efforts what he could do in writing Valmiki Ramayana epic and so Swami Vivekanand had said about Maharshi Valmiki ” There is no language is as purer as Valmiki’s Language and dialogues, none chaster, none more so simpler and so impressive than the dialogues in which the great epic poet has delineated the life of Rama.”

[Ramayana – रामायणम्]
The Ramayana is an epic which is translated from memory referred as SmritiAccording to ancient art of Srimad Valmiki Ramayan in Hindi and Sanskrit, there have been so many interjected verses which are contradicting  to understand. However, the Scholors, historians and grammarians have put a lot of efforts in standardize the original content to make Ramayana an easy epic to read by verifying various manuscripts from different parts of India and Lanka. And Srimad Valmiki Ramayan is a critical example of this effort. 

Note: After a long and continuous research on the various versions of Ramayana (incomplete) available on the internet, our website has finally been able to share the most correct and complete version of Ramayana in Hindi and English ( The Valmiki Ramayana).


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The epic Valmiki Ramayana is mainly composed of verses which is also known as Sloka in Sanskrit language (the ancient language from India which is also known as the language of Gods). Further these Verses are categorized into specific chapters called Sargas and in each chapter a particular story or kand is told. The chapters or  Sargas of Valmiki Ramayana is again grouped into books called Kaandas or kanda which is same like that of inter node stem in sugarcane pant.

Thus we can say that the final arrangement of Valmiki Ramayana is arranged into 6 kanda or books. Here is a small chart presentation given below which will define the structure of Valmiki Ramayana.

1Bāla Kāṇḍa(Book of Childhood)The origins and childhood of Rama, born to king Dasharatha of Ayodhya and destined to fight asuras. Sita’s swayamvara and subsequent wedding to Rama.
2Ayodhya Kāṇḍa (Book of Ayodhya)The preparations for Rama’s coronation in the city of Ayodhya, his exile into the forest and the regency of Bharata.
3Araṇya Kāṇḍa (Book of the Forest)The forest life of Rama with Sita and Lakshmana, his brother. The kidnapping of Sita by the asura king Ravana.
4Kishkindha Kāṇḍa (Book of the Monkey Kingdom)Rama meets Hanuman and helps destroy the vanara king, Vali, making Vali’s younger brother, Sugriva, king of Kishkindha instead.
5Sundara Kāṇḍa (Book of Beauty)Detailed accounts of Hanuman’s adventures, including his meeting with Sita. Traditionally read first when reading the Ramayana, this book’s name derives from the fond name given to Hanuman by his mother.
6Yuddha Kāṇḍa (Book of War, also known asLanka Kanda)The battle in Lanka between the vanara and the asura armies of Rama and Ravana, respectively. After Ravana is defeated, Sita undergoes the test of fire, completes exile with Rama and they return to Ayodhya to reign over the ideal state. The test of fire or Agni Pareeksha is not part of the original Valmiki Ramayana, most scholars consider it to be a later addition as is the story of Sita’s banishment below.
7Uttara Kāṇḍa(Last Book)The detailed story of Ravana’s life, his encounter with Lord Shiva , Vali, Sugreeva’s brother and Kartha Veera Arjuna and many others until Shurpanakha’s humiliation in the Aranya Khanda is retold by sage Vashishta to Rama and Sita. Rumours of impurity lead to Sita’s banishment, during which she gives birth and raises Lava and Kusha. Later, in course of time Sita disappears into the earth. The twin boys of Sita later ascend the throne of Ayodhya, after which Rama reaches Vaikuntha upon requests from the gods. People of Ayodhya who followed Rama were offered santhanika lokas.

                                                                                               Table Source: Wikipedia.org

Ramayana in Hindi | Valmiki Ramayana Summary

valmiki ramayana summary

Valmiki Ramayana Summary

Read the Summary of Valmiki Ramayana

Time of Composition

There was a long time of oral custom before the Ramayana was really composed, and the first strand of the epic drew upon different prior society stories about Rama.Like various other established ballads or folks written in old times, the definite date and time of the composition of Ramayana is yet to be known accurately. The reference to the Greeks, Parthians, and Sakas demonstrates that the time composition of Ramayana can’t be sooner than the second century BC. Be that as it may, the accord is that Ramayana was composed between the fourth and the second hundreds of years BC with expansions up to around 300 CE. Philosophically, it might be the period just after the Vedic age when the Ramayana started.

On the demand of hanumanchalisa.info users we have also shared the PDF Ramayana in Hindi. The link to download Valmiki Ramayana in Hindi as well as in English is given below. You just need to right click on the link to download Complete Valmiki Ramayana Summary in Hindi.

Download Valmiki Ramayana in Hindi: Download PDF

Download Valmiki Ramayana in EnglishDownload PDF

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I think the information is sufficient as i already have linked complete Valmiki Ramayana in Hindi and English PDF above in the post. Ramayana is really a great epic by Valmiki and there is none more impressive than Valmiki language to write complete Ramayan in Hindi Lyrics.



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