Chandrakanta –  चंद्रकांताFull Episodes

Chandrakanta is an Indian fantasy TV serial series program and it is taken from the Novel Chandrakanta originally written Devaki Nandan Khatri in 1988. Devaki sahab mainly wrote chandrakanta Hindi novel for serial Publication. When this novel was printed in a book, it was the longest piece of modern Hindi Prose and may have significantly contributed in the popularity of Hindi language.

Chandrakanta TV Serial all Episodes

Chandrakanta TV Serial Episodes

Chandrakanta TV serial is very popular between 1994 to 1996 in India and it was mainly telecasted on Doordarshan – DD National Channel. The title song ”Chandrakanta Ki kahani , Badi Lagti Hai Purani……” became so popular that users and fans of Chandrakanta still searching internet for Chandrakanta all episodes and Title song of Chandrakanta.

Sunil AgnihotriNirja Guleri

In this post we have tried to gather all those information regarding Chandrakanta Serial Series Which users want to know. We have summaries this beautiful Hindi Love story using Chandrakanta’s Videos and short stories.

Chandrakanta – Story in Brief

The title character, Princess Chandrakanta of the kingdom of Vijaygarh, is of eligible age of marriage but she desired of marriage to her lover, the dashing ruler Virendra Singh of neighboring Naugarh, or will she be compelled to marry the scheming PM’s child Krur Singh? In this story of interest and enchantment, the mystery specialists (referred to in Hindi as aiyyār—or aiyyārī in the feminine, which is important to know since Princess Chandrakanta has her own group of female operators) of every side battle it out.

According to Chandrakanta Novel writer namely  Devaki Nandan Khatri, an Aiyyar (male) or  Aiyyara (female) is a secret agent cum spy cum fighter and they are experts or skilled in so many arts like:

  • Fighting Skills
  • Science
  • Spying
  • Medical
  • Chemistry
  • Fine Arts

Chandrakanta Title Song Video in HD

Chandrakanta is already very popular TV serial over internet but when it was Telecasted on TV, it’s title song got much popularity and still so many Chandrakanta’s fans search internet regarding Chandrakanta title song Lyrics and Video. Here is the Lyrics of this beautiful song with Video in HD.

Lyrics of Chandrakanta  Serial Song

Chandrakanta Title Song Lyrics in Hindi

Chandrakanta Title Song Lyrics in Hindi


Chandrakanta –  चंद्रकांता – Full Episodes

Fans of Chandrakanta are always searching internet for Chandrakanta TV Serial All Episodes and on the demand of hanumanchalisa.info users demand we have gathered all those video episodes of Chandrakanta that we could do for them. Below are the Videos Episodes of Chandrakanta in HD.

Chandrakanta is mainly known for its love story between Maharani Chandrakanta: The queen of Chunargarh and Virendra Singh: The king of Chunargarh who won the Kingdom from his rival Shiv Dutt. The serial was very entertaining because of good actors including Bollywood supeprstar Mukesh Khanna. 

Chandrakanta is one of the most popular TV serials of DD National of 1990’s. The serial was mainly produced by the efforts of Nirja Guleri and Directed by Sunil Agnihotri. Sikha Swaroop ( The most beautiful actress of 1990’s) was in the role of princess as Chandrakanta.

So, this is the complete Chandrakanta TV serial All Episodes we have collected for you from different sources. If you like this post interesting then share it among your social friends so that they can also entertain from this old Indian TV serial.



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